Monday, 31 January 2011

Close-ups and Closer-ups

This time, instead of blanket army photos, I thought I would show some close ups. Apologies in advance to anyone who has seen any of them before. These are from my Polish Renaissance 25/28mm army.

First up are a unit of mounted dragoons -the dismounted versions have not even been bought yet. Can't remember the manufacturer -one of the more modern ones.

Next up, a squadron of general European cavalry that could hail from anywhere. Again, manufacturers name forgotten.

Two units of Musket/Pike/Musket armed infantry. Yep, same again on the make.

A unit of regular Drab infantry. Hinchcliffe figures.

A unit of the iconic Winged Hussars. Hinchcliffe figures from back in the day.

Grand Hetman Chodkiewitz and his personal standard bearer. The standard is his own coat of arms. OG figures.

Some multi-period religious types. The one with the club has been ordered by his bishop to find some he is about to bladder an unlucky, wandering dray horse.

Russian foot cossacks backed up by a Drab unit. Hinchcliffe, OG while the bloke on the horse is Essex.

The big (only) artillery piece. The matchstick firing trigger can be easily seen but if you squint a bit and look out of the corner of your eye, it could be an elevating block. Crew of unknown provenance.

The bloke on the horse had a bit of conversion work done on him. I believe he started out as a Spanish Conquistador type but I filed down his pantaloons and created some bucket-top boots. The plate armour was 'dremeled' into mail and whatever weapon he was carrying was removed and an officers type mace added. This was made by the simple expedient of blobbing some Bostik onto the end of a piece of brass wire. Oh, and a wing was fixed to his back. Don't know who made em.

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Paul´s Bods said...

Thanks for that. They look wonderfull. I like the use of the cannon...matchstick firing pin or not.