Thursday, 27 January 2011

I went, I watched and then came home again.

Well, the Blues are off to Wembley to take on Arsenal after beating the Irons 4-3 on aggregate. Carlton Cole put away a screamer after splitting two defenders and everyone thought that's it, 3-1 over both legs. Do you know how difficult it is to sit there with clenched teeth and fists in your lap when your team score and you are amongst at least 16,000 of the opposition supporters? Let me tell you, when Cole scored I felt like jumping and screaming like a banshee, but I couldn't...unlike like my mate and MO did when Blues scored. I put on brave smile, stood and clapped magnanimously.
Everyone thought it was game over except Alex Mcleish, the Blues manager. The b*gger did it again,put a rocket up their bums and Blues came out in the second half like a different team and scored twice to even it up. About midway through the half McLeish decided to bring on the head on legs that is Nicola Zigic -as MO put it 'he's good at being tall'. (For those who don't know, Zigic is 6" 9' without his socks on.) Luckily he can't jump -not that he has to- but he most definitely is the comedy element. Using his head and both feet, he sprayed the ball everywhere -to Hammers players, off the pitch and even into empty space. Boy did we chuckle. And then, in the first period of extra time, the lanky swine only went and made a pass out into the space where Gardiner was lurking.
Gardiner tee'd it up and wellied it, low and hard down to Green's right. Keeper managed to get a solid hand on it but it spun over his arm and in. He obviously thought he should have done better because he immediately held his head in his hands.

Overall, I would have to say that the Blues were a bit hungrier, having more shots -and on target- than the Irons. But nevertheless, it was a bl**dy good game and I'm so chuffed I got to go. Ta again MO!

PS There's even a chance of me going to Wembley with MO and my mate. This time I will definitely follow the Blues and holler and shout like the rest of them...but I draw the line at wearing a Blues shirt. Although they are my second favourite team in the country there are limits.

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