Monday, 7 October 2013

Just a few things to be going on with.

Since the last post I have been a very busy little chappie. After having my wargaminig mojo reinstated after the Sittingbourne do I have painted 102 infantry and 12 cavalry in 25mm and 30 infantry and 121 cavalry in 10mm. This means that my 10mm Khwarizmian Army is well underway with 3 LC, 3 HC and 1 infantry units all of 3 bases each although I will probably need to get some more infantry for that. I have also now got a 21 figure kesig (guard) unit for the 10mm Mongols so this army now totals 84 LC in 7 units, 96 HC &EHC in 4 units and the single unit of 21 kesig. Still to paint for the Mongols are 36 LC making another 3 units. Might need some maore to make up the second tumen. The 10mm Chinese are coming along nicely as well with 36 LC in 3 units, 21 HC in 1 unit and about 200 infantry in units of spear, bow, halbard and crossbow. the Chinese cavalry can also double up as Khwarizmians should the need arise and the Mongols can be any steppe nomad army you can think of.

And now for a 10mm pictorial update.

Mongol remounts

A Mongol tumen in battle formation. HC in the front, LC behind ready to ride forward. General and remounts in the rear. 

Another view of the Mongol tumen. HC in line in the front.

More Mongols

Khwarizmian HC

Mongol kesig

Chinese (foreground) defending against Mongol attacks.