Wednesday, 12 January 2011

More armies

First up we have Imperial Romans on the left and Carthaginians on the right. In the centre of the box are some Carthaginian elephants and near them are the Roman onager and ballistae. 6mm Irregular.

ACW Union in a bit of a mess. 6mm Irregular.

WW I 1914 Germans. Loads of infantry, a few cavalry and a shedload of artillery. 6mm Irregular.

In the middle is the artillery while above them are 1914 French and below are 1916 French. Some Renault tanks in the bottom right. The reason for the different types is because the French changed uniform colour from dark blue coats and red trousers to horizon blue in about 1915. Even in 6mm this change is noticeable.

British 1914. I decided to use them all through the war because in that scale the difference between a cap and a helmet is not that noticeable especially if the uniform colour is the same. A shot down aircraft of indeterminate pedigree and some male tanks complete the force. 6mm Irregular.

Modern Polish Army from a variety of manufacturers. Not painted by yours truly.

WW II Japanese. This army includes some home made Landing Craft at the top left. Lots of not very good tanks and loads of infantry.Most if not all Irregular. tried some small conversions in this army and made a few destroyed tanks; one losing a track and another 'brewing up' with its turret on the ground next to it.

One of my earliest and biggest 15mm armies, that of ECW Parliamentarian. Began painting in 1981 and finished in 1983. thorough mix of manufacturers including Mini Figs, Mikes Models, Warrior and others. The command figures in the lower centre are Naismith.

Han Chinese 15mm mostly Essex. The majority painted by me including the chariots. this army was painted in 1984-5. The dirty brown colour on the bases is proper dried dirt -I was in my 'keep it natural' phase of wargaming at the time. Never used it before or since.

Still not dry I trust?


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