Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Old Figures - new pictures.

The other day as I was having a rummage, trying to find those errant ACW 15mm figures I was speaking about earlier when I had a thought. This is a golden opportunity to get some pictures of other armies. Now bearing in mind that time was a bit limited in that I had to go to work later so I only managed to get some of them done.

All pics are of course clickable.

First off is my 6mm ECW Royalist army with Rupert's infantry 3rd up on the left. all are Irregular. Not painted by me, all other armies in this post are.

Sassanid Persians. From top left to bottom right: Light cavalry, Levy infantry, clibs and catties mix then half a dozen pachyderms. General is on a base at the front. 6mm by Irregular.

Next up, Renaissance Turks with Spahi's of the Porte and other spahi's on the top left. Janissaries bottom left, next to them is the artillery contingent made up of 4 big bu**ers and then some generic light cavalry. On the right of the Spahi's are some mad light cavalry in tigerskin cloaks. Top right is a collection of levies/ basic fighting troops. General out front. 6mm Irregular.

Confederate ACW army. Loads of infantry, cavalry and a few guns. Even got some wounded markers for these. Organised a la Fly and Furry Ruleset. Again 6mm Irreglar.

Mongols. Light cavalry on left, heavies on the right. This may seem a tad small against other armies but don't forget I can cull quite a few of the others to make up numbers if I so wish. Guess what...6mm Irregular.

That's it for this time.

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