Monday, 31 January 2011

Some more of the collection

First one up is my only 1/300 SF army. Bought the whole lot plus more strange bits for a fiver about 10 years ago. It's my only GW army and I got it with the intention of doing a 'what if' campaign against my modern Brits(pics to follow on another post) or against any of my WW II armies. If memory serves, it took about 3 days to paint the lot!

Second is one of my few 25/28mm armies -Polish Renaissance. I'll be honest, I use the term army rather loosely here as there are no pancerni and only one unit of Winged Hussars. I actually have another five of each from Irregular to paint but haven't got round to it yet. Manufacturers include Essex, Hinchcliffe and Mini Figs. The big artillery piece is actually one of those that fires matchsticks but the trigger looks a bit like the elevation block so I kept it. 7 or 8 years old.

Thirdly, a box of two Prussian Napoleonic Landwehr cavalry regiments and a brigade commander. The Napoleonic Collection is made up of Lancashire Games, Essex and Mini Figs amongst others.

Fourthly, another box of Prussian cavalry. This time a mixed brigade of Dragoons and Landwehr. The army is based to Peter Gilder's In the Grand Manner Rules.

Fifthly, the Prussian infantry, cavalry, commander and a couple of little vignettes with odd figures I couldn't find any other use for. I've got about another four batteries of artillery unpainted. About 8-9 years old.

Next, A smallish French Corps of Napoleonic 5mm Mini Figs blocks. Possibly 30 years old. Some work still required on the bases.

A British Division of 5mm blocks. In another 8 of the same sized boxes I have my 5mm Prussians. The complete 1st Armee Korps of the 1815 campaign and all the Guard troops.

Some 6mm Polish Napoleonics. Not painted by me. about 15 years old.

Now, there is a story behind this 15mm Macedonian Army. About 30 odd years ago I went to a show, fancied a Macedonian army and brought a load of original best match Mikes Models figures -at 2p for an infantry figure and 4p for cavalry. Bu**ger me, 2 weeks later, Mikes Models announced a brand new range in Mil Mod, no prizes for guessing which range that was. I think I incorporated some of the old figs in the army but still ended up buying another shedload of the nice new figures. All Mikes Models bar the Greek hoplites, (not painted by me), and the Indians which are Mini Figs.

I have a few others not yet included here coz most of them are elsewhere on the blog. The only three outstanding ones that immediately spring to mind are 25mm Mongols, 1/300 Modern Brits and 1/300 Modern Israeli.


Paul´s Bods said...

Blimey!!!! That´s a lot of stuff there.
Have you got more pics of the 25/28mm armies -Polish Renaissance army...please?

Andy McMaster said...

I'd like to see you SF stuff fighting your Brits! I've got a couple of FWC armies which I quite fancy pitting against my Cold War stuff!

Subedai said...

The SF lot weren't painted for any particular force or list,I just painted what I had and will work it out later.
Andy, you mention FWC, is that Future War Commander? If so what are they like, I've been on the occasional lookout for a set of rules that can combine the weapons technology of all interested parties, do they do this?

Andy McMaster said...

I've not really tried them in anger but they use the same mechanics as Cold War Commander and with a bit of fiddling I think would do a CWC/FWC cross with little hassle.
I think, anyway! :)