Monday, 24 January 2011

Latest terrain projects

Back at work today and remembered to bring the camera home so here are the promised pics of my latest terrain projects:- the finished woodland pond and a couple of small hills.

1. First off, the pond. Everything is finished apart from the foliage. I put this one in because I like the lighting -it shows up the water effect quite well. Only a single coat of gloss varnish.

2. The completed pond, taken a bit further away from my painting lights. I managed (don't know how, though), to avoid glare from the water.

3. Basic hill construction. Offcuts and bits from various thicknesses of polystyrene -acquired just in time from a local skip- were glued down with wood glue to a irregular piece of thick card and some slate pieces glued were down with Hard as Nails. The whole lot was then covered with strips of masking tape that extended under the base. The masking tape used is the cheap stuff from Poundland. Don't worry about any folds left from where the masking tape has creased, they add to the topography of the piece. I like to use the odd rock, stone or pieces of slate to add a little weight to the piece.

4. The whole top surface was then covered with the ubiquitous sand and wood glue. Once dried, to represent earth collapse, some small pieces of unused cat litter were glued down with wood glue. For more adhesion and to fill in some of the major gaps all the litter was covered in diluted glue. Then more sand was glued down along the top of the litter for continuity.

5. Both new hills together. A quick blast across the top with an unperfumed extra-hold hairspray to keep the flock on and the ball's in the net.

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