Monday, 1 June 2009

Typical English Weather??!!!

Well, here I am sittijng at the computamabob in a pair of shorts and nought else because in the summer the far north tower is like an incinerator. I have a thermometer going up to 27 and its way beyond that. Still, can't wait for Sunday when the missus and I are jetting off to the sunny climate of North Africa for a well deserved fortnight break. Of course, being of the male persuasion I haven't even thought about packing anything yet...probably do it in ten minutes on Saturday evening. 

Painting wise I am currently making a few adjustments to some Magister Militum baggage camels bought at Derby last year. So far added some javelins to one, glued on a tied up blanket onto another and bent a few necks for pose variety. There will be 4 or 5 of them on a base, so should look quite nice. 

Latest thoughts are gearing towards a Chin castle. Seen some pics on the web of some place stuck at the end of Great Wall which has possibilities or I may even go for a generic type; undecided as yet. (The Russian castle is on temporary hold coz it's so bl***y labour intensive!) Also I have found a use for all those long wooden stirrers that I helped myself to in various outlets of a certain meat-in-a-bun chain of 'food' stores knowing that they would be useful one day. Well that day has arrived -no fanfare required- they are going to be used in the construction of my siege towers to use against said castle.  

See you all in three weeks.

Keep your bristles straight,