Wednesday, 12 January 2011

The Irons - Half the job done.

Good result for the Hammers last night. First half was all WH with only the Blues keeper managing to limit the score to 1-0 to the Irons; the rest of the team just couldn't cope. McLeish must have put a rocket up their collective ar**s in the interval coz they came out like a different team. Good header but cr*p defending by the Hammers led to the equaliser. Then Obinna, in a fit of stupidity kicked back at Larsson who like most players nowadays went down as if he'd been wellied in the nads by a baseball bat. (Strange though, less than a minute later he was taking a free kick on the other side of the pitch. What do they put in that spray, eh?) Straight red, off he went, no argument from anybody. Grant brought on Cole who scored probably one of the softest goals of his career. It was going so slowly that when it hit the net there was only a slight bulge. That doyen of football punditry Alan Hanson -a man I have disliked as a player ever since 1976-7 when Southend hosted Liverpool in the FA Cup and Hanson pulled the Southend striker down when he was clear through- reckoned the ball was traveling at no miles per hour as it crossed the line?? The one moment when Foster got it wrong. I felt for the bloke; made some cracking saves in the first half and it looked as though he was a bit unsighted as the ball trickled under his trailing leg. So it ended 2-1 to the Hammers.

MO said he had to take deep, calming breaths when Blues scored otherwise it could have been lampshade time for the poor so-and-so. I will probably have to do the same on the 26th.

Everything still to play for. Should be good as long as WH don't come up here to defend a tenuous one goal lead.

Bring it on! Can't wait!

PS Roots Hall, Southend's home ground usually had anywhere between 4-6,000 supporters at a match. On that particular cold night during the worst snow for donkey's years there were over 30,000 crammed into the place -at that time probably most of the local population of the town! I'm telling you, sardines in a tin have more breathing space. 0-0 it finished but the Shrimpers got bladdered in the replay.

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