Wednesday, 27 May 2009

An army nearly done?

Cast your mind back several months to a rant about camera's and sunny days and how I only managed to get a few piccys. Well, after an intervening period of about an eon, MO has finally sent them to me via electronic means. One is quite good, another is reasonable, the rest are blurred and frankyl c**p. I have posted the two good ones.  The top one is of some Lybian Spearmen as per WRG Mack and Pube 1st ed. that Mini Figs based their range on back when both Noah and I were both young. The second has my version of Greek mercs on the left with Carthaginian citizen spears on the right, both Lamming. In front of them are some archers from an unknown manufacturer. (Bear in mind these figs have been in the high tower for millenia so memory is a bit iffy). Head, shield, and boby swaps abound. All terrain pieces made by Yours Truly. Carpet tile courtesy of an old, condemned building.
The title is somewhat misleading...a wargamer never really finishes an army, he just finishes painting what he has at that time. I mean so far I have 12 units of 10mm Sung/Xin/Hsi Hsia Chinese. that may not sound like a lot but remember there are a minimum of 50 figs in an HI unit (3 of); 27 figs in a MI unit (6 of); 12 LC (2 of); 21 HC (1 of) and a rocket unit. That totals over 300 inf and 45 far. On top of that there are 11 units of Mongol cavalry -1x24 EHC, 2x24 HC and 8x12 LC. Enough for a small game pitting one aganst the other or a large game taking on someone else. So now I may have to move onto the 10mm Celts...until I get some more Asiatics that is.
    Anyway, just come back from an unusually hot Bank Holiday weekend in north Wales, between Conway and Rhyl to be a bit more precise. Weather as I said was good as was the company -wife, friends from over the road and their daughter. Caught the sun quite nicely thank you (dig at pundits et al spouting on about ET waves). Now, overcast and windy. As  Billy Conolly says, if you don't like the weather, wait around for fifteen minutes, it'll change.
At least the Irons finished a highly creditable 9th considering the almost season long injury problems with First Team players. Nice to see Kieron Dyer back and well done to Scott Parker for being voted Hammer of the Year. To use a much over-rated but somehow pertinent Americanism, Zola Rocks!.
Keep your bristles straight,

Thursday, 7 May 2009

Long Time Passing

Well, its now the middle of May and all sorts of thinigs have happened. Gainfully employed again albeit for only 18 hours a week. Started writing a fantasy novel just to see what happens. Painted Jack all coz its too cold in the upper north wing. Broke two computers, had to wipe this one today to ensure fastest possible time repsonse interfacing wotnot?!! I don't know, the last real computers I worked on were about the size of a house, the largest at the time used little gold rings to represent binary code and had a huge capacity of 1KB. Yeah, pick the bones out of that one you modernists! Back in the day we had real computers, not the plastic ones you get nowadays.
Looking wistfully at the pile of 10mm Celts on my table and hoping every time that they will paint themselves but so far...nothing. Probably as much chance of winnning the lottery, looks like I'll have to do the job myself - when I can work up the enthusiasm.
West Ham are doing okay, currently lying seventh in the table but they've got Liverpool on Saturday then Everton the week after and then finally Middlesborough. What an end to the season. If they can stay seventh it'll be brilliant but I can't see it, not with that opposition.