Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Almost Patented Anti-Warping Device

Just a quick update as to what I have been up to recently.

The 6mm Brits are now completed -as far as it goes- I need to get some bits and bobs ie 12 Warriors for the second infantry battalion. This statement actually leads quite nicely into the first picture which is of a completed infantry battalion...without command elements.

The latest and now completed terrain project.

The second photo is of the first bits of the new 'A' road that runs through this part of Brum. Bottom line is that the road sections are made in the time honoured fashion of 3mm MDF with wood glue and sand along the edges to represent the border/sides of the road. (The MDF is actually the rear panel of a now defunct DIY chest-of-draws. I have made the roadway itself 40mm wide and allowed a maximum of 20mm either side for the edges. Took me a couple of hours with a jig-saw on a nice day last week to make the bits.) The Almost Patented Anti-Warping Device stands vertically on its longer edges down the middle of the road while the glue dries. Once dry the road sides are painted with Almost Patented...etc, etc. standing along the middle again. The picture actually shows the device in its other role. When the road surface is painted, it lies flat on the slightly raised sides across a number of sections thus maintaining its amazing anti-warping capabilities. (The dark bit at the bottom is the shadow of yours truly showing that he really isn't a David Bailey when it comes to photography.)

Picture three is of a completely painted road section. The more observant among you will immediately notice the little glue and sand lines on the actual road surface; these serve a twofold purpose. Purpose one is to slightly break up the monotonous flatness of the roadway and Purpose two is create the illusion of some ruts where the earth has been pushed aside by the wheels of many wagons. (That last bit is utter bo**ocks really, just fancied some different surfaces on the roadway for aesthetic reasons.)

The final shot is of all the completed road sections so far. 8 x Straights, 2 x Shallow bends, 2 x Slightly Sharper bends, 2 Right Angle bends and a Crossroads. Each has been dry-brushed with my usual colours and has had some patches of static grass glued to the edges. Still umming and arring about using spray on PVA as a fixative for the grass. Might just stick to the hair spray.

(As for the other top-secret project, that's still top-secret and ongoing.)

Don't let them dry out..


Tuesday, 12 April 2011


Had a stroke of good fortune yesterday. I went into Brum to do a little research on a work related, non-wargaming project at the main library and thought 'while I'm here I'll stock up on paint and flock from the Ian Allen shop.' Then, when I came out of the library I had an even better idea, 'go and have a swift dekko at Wayland's Forge as it's pretty close.' So I did and never got to Ian Allen because I found a bag of each of Cuman, Bulgars and Pecheneg cavalry in Old Glory 15's going for a Melvin (£5) a throw; 45 cavalry for £15, works out at .33p each. More figures for the slow build Mongol Army. Well impressed and as I said, bargain.

Don't forget,

Keep it damp.