Monday, 13 July 2015

Day trip out.

I know that this is going to look like a non-wargaming, touristy type of post but bear with me, there is an ulterior motive.
  Back in August last year I mentioned that I was thinking about a WW II Solo alternate history campaign in which D-Day went pear shaped and the Germans invaded Kent later in the year. This thought has been bubbling away ever since then. Yesterday, Ma Subs, our friends and myself went out for the day to Canterbury, Whitstable, Herne Bay and Reculver -a round trip of nearly 85 miles. All over Canterbury there are loads of old buildings nestling comfortably alongside architecture of a more modern nature. Wattle and daub next to cladding, brickwork and concrete. All grist to building making mill for the above-mentioned campaign. So, during the whole trip I took about 150 pictures of various building types for inspiration.
Still got to get the Brits for the campaign though. Had a really good day and the weather remained quite pleasant with the old current bun showing its tardy face later in the day..

Friday, 10 July 2015

Takeda Samurai Army from the Sengoku Period.

Last month I painted all the Irregular 6mm Samurai I had and decided to do some of the clans that made up the army of Takeda Shingen. Later I will do the army of his enemy Uesugai Kenshin -in fact I found another 4 ashigaru blocks so they will be the first of the new force.
 Takeda Shingen's own troops.

 Troops of Shingen's younger brother, Takeda Nobushige

The troops of the Ichijo clan under the command of Ichijo Nobutatsu.

 Naito clan under  Naito Masatoya.

 The Obata clan commanded by Obata Masamori.

Oba clan under Oba Toramasa. He was another general  who outfitted his troops in all red armour. It was known as the 'red regiment' or the the 'red fire unit'.

Not pictured are some ashigaru belonging to the Baba clan (Baba Nobuharu) and of the Tsuchiya clan (Tsuchiya Masatsugu).

Now I know that some of the mon are different ie the Takeda family -Takeda Nobushige for example- and some close retainers are also shown as having the same diamond Takeda mon as Shingen only on different coloured backgrounds but I went for a bit of variety. In fact Nobushige's design on my figures has been taken from his uma-jirishi -larger, personal standard- rather than a white diamond on a black background. Naito Masatoya could also have the Takeda mon only in red with a white background. (And anyway, single lines across a 6mm sashimono are sooo much easier to paint than diamonds, trust me in this!

Some chaps I forgot about.

Additionally, I have painted all the Germans I have for my ongoing 6mm FPW project. As you can see, I need more...many, many more. (Fades to the sound of a maniacal laugh.)

All the figures are from Irregular Miniatures.

 All the infantry so far.

 Wurttembuger Regiment

 Bavarian Regiment.
 Kuirassiers and Dragoons.

The far.

Wednesday, 8 July 2015

Pictures as promised.

Been relatively quiet here on the wargaming front due to the weather which has been absolutely delightful and far too pleasant to spend hours in Narnia painting tinies, at one stage the thermometer in our conservatory registered a whopping 38 degrees. Notwithstanding that, I have painted another four battalions (16 blocks) of my FPW Germans, finished 20 of the 35 blocks of Goblins which will be e-bayed when finished, aaaand also took some pictures of the samurai due the ongoing elusiveness of the earlier shots. Hope you like them.

 British World War II Western Desert (all Irregular Miniatures)

Samurai from the Takeda Clan, again all by Irregular Miniatures. The sashimono are accurate renditions of the real ones -or as accurate as I could get in 6mm!