Saturday, 5 July 2014

Potential fame (and hopefully fortune but I doubt it) beckon.

Well, not long I had an electronic conversation with Henry Hyde at MWBG magazine and he said he would be quite happy to have some more articles on the exploits of the Mongols, so there is a result. Who knows, today MWBG, tomorrow...probably carry on with everyday life. So now although I am furiously scribbling away, you will be pleased to know, I am getting back into the painting thing. It's taking a lot of time to find bits and pieces that I need following the re-vamping of Narnia but I'm slowly getting there. Finished off another 7 Irregular 10mm Mongols of the 2nd tumen last nght and undercoated the remaining 17 meaning that once they are done all of my Irregular Mongols are painted, Wahoo! This will give me a total of 259 Irregular Mongol cavalry figures. After that I can carry on with -in no particular order- the outstanding Chinese units that I have found, the remaining Polish and the Pendraken Mongols of my 3rd tumen.
  I am starting to get back into the one hour of painting a day syndrome although it was a bit tricky what with the World Cup and all, but now the  matches are few and far between I can carry on. Also, a really big bonus, I finally managed to find my painting radio, so now I can listen to the football while I paint and then just watch the late evening highlights. Result!