Saturday, 22 January 2011

My Personal Library Notes.

There you have it, the compete library as of 2010 -I know that somewhere in the house there are books that I have missed. At the moment we have 34 book shelves of varying lengths and widths scattered around the house -all are mine bar one. Now you understand why the missus calls the gaff a library rather than a house; I prefer to call it a centre of learning. Anyway,I don't know what she is on about. (Chuckle).
You will notice that there are a few volumes by myself, these were written in my Hamlet Models phase.


Andy McMaster said...

That's not a bad little collection! I've got boxes of stuff still buried in boxes in the eaves of the attic. Really must get them out and find shelves for them!

Lot of work listing them though. Where do you find the time? I started on my Napoleonic stuff and then stalled!



Subedai said...

I did it over a period of about six months some 5 or 6 years ago. It was reasonably simple because I have them organised in period order. I would suggest you do it sooner rather than later coz updating is a hell of a lot easier than setting up a database!