Thursday, 31 December 2015

Fortuitous recovery and a brief summary of 2015.

More than a month has passed since my last post so I thought I had better put fingers to keyboard. 
Firstly, a fortuitous update. A few months ago my tower pc decided that it didn't want to play any more and gave me the 'Blue Screen of Death'. This was quite unfortunate as you can well imagine. Never mind, thinks I, once I get another I can just reload everything from my Google drive. All well and good until I actually opened up my Google drive and found that all of my most recent stuff wasn't there. Not impressed. Thinking that I would have to shell out cartloads of cash for someone to try and recover the info I put the old hard drive to one side and soldiered on. Now included in this loss was a manuscript for a non-fiction campaign book that I was writing and until the crash had written more than 50,000 words. Gutted!
   Now skip forward until the day before yesterday when I was looking for a memory stick to put a file on for my mate to print as my printer is not working at the moment. Opened the files on the stick and lo and behold...a folder marked Books...with my book there in all its monochrome gloriousness with words and chapters and everything. As you can imagine, I was as happy as a pig in breakfast as they say in the Midlands. So now I'm writing again. I have concluded that the problem was that I had a Google drive icon on my desktop and everything came from and went back to there so it probably didn't actually get uploaded. Problem solved. I now upload after every session, have a copy on my main drive, another on my backup drive and yet another back on the stick. My MO recommends sending myself a copy as an e-mail attachment. Ma Subs and I didn't raise daft kids...luckily.
   This leads me nicely into a quick summary of 2015.
   Managed two games -both solo- and duly reported here; painted lots of 6mm -unfortunately my tracker was on the old drive- but from memory; Samurai, WW II Late War British, Goblins, Halflings, Centaurs, Ancient Macedonians, some Flemish and Sassanid Persians as well as some 10mm Mongols, more Song Chinese and Medieval Polish. Plus made lots of 6mm terrain for my WW II project -pictures below- and written various articles for MWBG all about the Mongols. Went to the obligatory two shows of Cavalier in February and Broadside in June.
   Unfortunately, the big Lottery win eluded me once again. Oh, well never mind, here's to an even more productive 2106. 

Happy New Year to all my avid readers.