Thursday, 12 November 2015

The latest on my latest project.

I know you lot out there have been on the edge of your seats since I announced pics of my new project, so now you can relax, the wait is finally over. Since my last post I have painted and based this lot. All are from H&R and are from the Sassaned (sic) Persian and the Greek ranges.

This was how they looked when I first found them.

The Sassanids 
All the Sassanids so far. At the rear is a unit of cataphracti (18 figures), immediately in front of them are two units of clibanari (2 x 15 figures), then another couple of units of LC (2 x 9 figures) and at the front is a unit of levy infantry (48 figures). Probably need at least one more cati and two or three more clib units before I can call it an army. Of course, the levy infantry are another matter...need to get at least three more of them. The beauty of the Sassy cavalry in this scale is that I could use a lot of them for Flemish Persians cutting down the amount needed. 

Close up of the LC. Need to get a few more of these but I have the option of mixing in the Flemish Persian LC I get as well.

The levy in all their glory, nuff said really.

The Macedonians 
On the left is a unit of Hypaspists (60 figures) and beyond them is a sarissa phalanx (currently 60 figures but see below). The plan -for what it's worth- is to get at least three Hypaspist units and at least another four phalanx. All my units are made up of three 40 x 20mm bases but the problem  is that to make it look like a proper phalanx it needs another base added so that there are two ranks of four sarissa giving each unit a creditable 80 figures. 

The allied Greeks/Greek mercenaries in Persian service. Two units of 60 hoplites each. (P.S. Just checked this pic and I've noticed the base at the bottom right is the wrong way round but at least you get an idea of what the back of the figures look like, he, he)

Two units of LI archers (21 figures in each); at the rear is a unit of Macedonians and the one at the front are the much vaunted Cretans. The latter have bronze shields while the other has hide shields.

Two units of Greek allied cavalry (2 x 15 figures). This is probably all I need for them.

Currently, on the painting desk there are 21 Greek staff slingers only waiting for the glue on the bases to dry so they can be pva/sanded and 15 undercoated Thessalian cavalry. I also have nearly 150 Greek and Thracian peltasts to paint but still trying to work out what to use for the Companions; might have to use Irregular for them. Additionally, I need to get at least one unit of prodromi on top of the phalangites and Hypaspists.  

   Beyond that there are 50 cavalry and nearly 100 archers for the Flemish Persians...and then there are nearly 50 bucellari, 160 scutatoi and 50 LI archers as the start of the Byzantines. I might even get a Late Roman army to take on the Sassys by way of a change.