Saturday, 19 May 2012

Back in the top flight -football that is, nothing to do with flying

What an afternoon. Just finished watching the Championship Play-off Final and West Ham won. Really good game, commiserations to Blackpool but quality counts and West Ham had it all over the pitch. I bet half the street heard OO and myself when the Irons scored...twice. The Premiership beckons. And there is still the European Champions Final tonight. Never really taken to Chelsea but as they are the only English team in the final I hope they win. I'll watch it anyway.

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Been otherwise engaged (Pic and script heavy)

Weeelll, to be completely truthful, after Derby for some reason that I still can't put my finger on, the bottom dropped out of my interest in wargaming in general, figure painting and blogging -hence the time lapse. For a time I was writing and committing most of my notes and role playing systems to for an RPG SF game begun back in the 1980's and well before the availability of pc's. Post Christmas that was done so I cast about for something else to do. Got interested in Mr Angel Barracks 6mm SciFi and made a few bits of scenery and buildings for that to go with the Irregular stuff I painted.
These are some pics of terrain buildings and a couple of cd based chunks of scenery. Two single storey, semi-detached habitats followed by a larger unit. Then there is a workshop unit with a small storage yard and one of those ubiquitous roller-shutter doors. After that is a storage tank for whatever the colony needs to store and finally there is a small unit. The buildings are made from thick card on two faces and cereal packet card on the other two. the tops are cut from small corrugated card strips found as packing at work. (Note to self, need more card.) Details are from hole punched paper, sticky labels and the pipes are straws and the middles of cotton buds. The external pipe on teh starage tank is just a piece of sprue with a bend in it. Painted in a functional grey scheme with a thin wash of deep red over everything to show that the sand gets everywhere.
Now I must apologise for these next two pictures. The ones above were taken directly from my pc but these two are from my photobucket site and I haven't got a scooby on how to re-size them.
Now here a few pics of some stuff I did ages ago but never got round to taking any pics of. The ECW are 6mm and the Romans are 10mm, all Irregular. 1. Imperial Roman HC.
2, 3 and 4. The Earl of Essex's and Lord Saye and Sele's Regiments of Foote from the ECW.
5. Two troops of Essex's Regiment of Horse.
6. Two Imperial Roman Cohortes.
7. Numidian cavalry, Imperial Rome.

I now need to make another apology about the layout of this post. Blogger has changed everything and I can't seem to work out how to get the script lined up with the relevant pics. Sorry. BUT I'M BACK! It seems that after two weeks off work with a bad chest infection combined with the viral thing that's going around meant that I could catch up on my DVD collection. Re-watched all my Mongol DVD's amongst others, my painting mojo seems to have returned and I am painting some Ancient Brits to go up against the Romans pictured above. Roman total painted currently stands at 4 legionary cohortes of 42 figs each, 1 auxiliary cohort of 30 figs, a heavy cavalry unit of 24 and a unit of light cavalry 18 strong. Still to paint are another two units of auxiliary infantry -1 spear and one archer- all Irregular and some ballistae from Pendraken. Facing them I have 1 warband of 27 painted; I based that up to see what it looks like and have another 30 painted (Irregular) and about the same amount of Pendraken half done. I'm also halfway through six chariots. I'm thinking of using Impetus as a ruleset because it fits in with my basing style and I've read good things about it.