Monday, 28 March 2011

First proper day of Spring?

For the first time this year I am sitting in the tower with the window open for some cool air. Great stuff seeing as during the thing we call winter I normally have both bars of the electric fire on, (CH doesn't go this far up), wearing one of those full head condoms, two jumpers and a pair of fingerless gloves. At my age I've decided that I'm not a cold weather person, give me 40 in the shade any day of the week.

On the painting front, the 6mm Brits are nigh on done -giving me two tank regiments, two motorised infantry battalions -although one still needs the motorised bit- and most of the ancillary stuff like Div Comm and flyboys. To date there are nearly two box files full of them.

Next up will be the Russians who will also get a complete repaint and base job, not looking forward to that as there are more Russians than Brits! Plus my WP vehicle recognition talents are none too clever but thank God for the tinterweb, eh. Spotting them should be easy, remembering what they are is the problem...might have to label them so as I know whats what. Far too many T- this, BTR- that or BMP- something for my liking and my knowledge of Russian is not even as good as my knowledge of Mongolian! What ever happened to NATO code names eh, like Flogger or Bear, so much easier to remember. The only one I know for certain is a Shilka quad AA coz it has a name not just a series of letters and numbers. If anyone out there knows of such a system being in place please let me know.

Found shedloads of 6mm buildings that I made at least fifteen years ago -modern terraced, ruins of same, timbered, both thatched and tiled. All to be based on either 100 or 120mm square bases. Must have enough for at least 6 villages and a town. Just need to get onto those nice people at Irregular and get some fences, walls and other bucolic stuff for filler.

I've also started another sideline of a wargaming project but not much has happened so I will just post this cryptic comment and leave it at that. You'll never guess what it is as long as you have a hole in your ...harumph. I don't know where I'm going with it as yet so stumm is the word. Sometime over the next few posts there may be more.

Marked out a piece of hardboard for some roads the other week when it was raining outside and only just noticed it here, bu**er, could have got them cut out in the sunshine. Nevermind, have to wait until my next day off.

Sassy's currently on the back burner as not only am I doing all of the above, I am also proofreading my first attempt at a novel. Whether it will get published I don't know but if I don't try then it never will, will it? I mean even JK Rowling had to start somewhere, didn't she? Hopefully it will be the first of a trilogy. I have loads of ideas for books which I keep meticulous notes for because you never know...