Saturday, 22 January 2011

My persoanl library -Part One- Ancient

Others have done it, so I'm not averse to a bit of band-waggoning. Here it is, the first part of my collection, only military volumes are included.

Healy, M & McBride A., The Ancient Assyrians, OB, 1991.
Stillman, N & Tallis, N., Armies of the Ancient Near East, WRG, 1984.

Barker, P., Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars, WRG, 1971.
Connelly, P., The Greek Armies, Macdonald, 1977.
Fox, R L., Alexander the Great, Omega Books, 1973.
Fuller, J F C., The Generalship of Alexander the Great, Wordsworth, 1998
Head, D., Armies of the Macedonian and Punic Wars. WRG, 1982.
Lonsdale, D. J., Alexander Killer of Men, Constable, 2004.
Plutarch, (trans. I Scott-Kilvert), The Age of Alexander, Penguin Classics, 1982.
Plutarch, Lives, (Vol. 2), Dryden, 19??.
Sekunda, A & McBride, A., The Ancient Greeks, OB, 1989.
Thucydides, (trans. R. Warner), The Peloponnesian War, Penguin Classics, 1979.
Warry, J., Alexander 334 -323 BC, Osprey Publishing, 1991
Xenophon, (trans. W H D Rouse), The March up Country, Mentor, 1964.
Xenophon, (trans. R Warner), The Persian Expedition, Penguin Classics, 1979.

Barker, P., The Armies and Enemies of Ancient Rome, WRG, 1972.
Barrow, R H., The Romans, Pelican, 1967.
Caesar, J., The Conquest of Gaul, Penguin Classics, 1976.
Caesar, J., (trans. J F Mitchell), The Civil War, Penguin Classics, 1967.
Chadwick, N., The Celts, Pelican, 1972.
Connolly, P., The Roman Army, Macdonald Educational, 1976.
Connolly P., Hannibal and the enemies of Rome, Macdonald Educational, 1978.
Cottrell, L., Enemy of Rome, Pan Books, 1962.
Dobson, B & Breeze, D., The Army of Hadrians Wall, Frank Graham, 1981.
Gibbon, E., (abridgement by D M Low), The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, BCA, 1974.
Grant, M., Julius Caesar, BCA, 1974.
Josephus, (trans. G A Williamson), The Jewish War, Penguin Classics, 1967.
Livy, (trans. A de Selincourt), The War with Hannibal, Penguin Classics, 1968.
Mannix, D P., Those About to Die, Mayflower Books, 1976.
Massie, A., The Caesars, Secker and Warburg, London,1983.
Peddie, J., The Roman War Machine, Alan Sutton, 1988.
Plutarch, The Rise and Fall of Athens, Penguin Classics, 1967.
Robinson, H R & Embleton, R., The Armour of the Roman Legions, F Graham, 19??.
Sallust, (trans. S A Handford), Jugurthine War, Conspiracy of Cataline, Penguin Classics, 1977.
Tacitus, The Agricola and the Germania, Penguin Classics, 1976.
Webster, G., The Roman Army, Grosvenor Museum, 1973.

Greer, J P., The Armies and Enemies of Ancient China, WRG, 1975.
Cotterel, M., The Terracotta Warriors- the Secret Codes of the Emperor’s Army, Headline, 2003

Anglim, S., Jestice, P. G., Rice, R. S., Rusch, S. M. and Serrati, J., Fighting Techniques of the Ancient Wordl, Spellmount, 2005.
Anon. (trans. M. Magnusson), Njals Saga, Penguin Classics, 1967.
Lehmann J., The Hittites, Collins, 1977.
Stillman, N & Tallis, N., Armies of the Ancient Near East 3,000 BC to 539 BC, WRG, 1984.
Warry, J., Warfare in the Classical World, Salamander Books, 1980.

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