Monday, 31 January 2011

Close-ups and Closer-ups

This time, instead of blanket army photos, I thought I would show some close ups. Apologies in advance to anyone who has seen any of them before. These are from my Polish Renaissance 25/28mm army.

First up are a unit of mounted dragoons -the dismounted versions have not even been bought yet. Can't remember the manufacturer -one of the more modern ones.

Next up, a squadron of general European cavalry that could hail from anywhere. Again, manufacturers name forgotten.

Two units of Musket/Pike/Musket armed infantry. Yep, same again on the make.

A unit of regular Drab infantry. Hinchcliffe figures.

A unit of the iconic Winged Hussars. Hinchcliffe figures from back in the day.

Grand Hetman Chodkiewitz and his personal standard bearer. The standard is his own coat of arms. OG figures.

Some multi-period religious types. The one with the club has been ordered by his bishop to find some he is about to bladder an unlucky, wandering dray horse.

Russian foot cossacks backed up by a Drab unit. Hinchcliffe, OG while the bloke on the horse is Essex.

The big (only) artillery piece. The matchstick firing trigger can be easily seen but if you squint a bit and look out of the corner of your eye, it could be an elevating block. Crew of unknown provenance.

The bloke on the horse had a bit of conversion work done on him. I believe he started out as a Spanish Conquistador type but I filed down his pantaloons and created some bucket-top boots. The plate armour was 'dremeled' into mail and whatever weapon he was carrying was removed and an officers type mace added. This was made by the simple expedient of blobbing some Bostik onto the end of a piece of brass wire. Oh, and a wing was fixed to his back. Don't know who made em.

Some more of the collection

First one up is my only 1/300 SF army. Bought the whole lot plus more strange bits for a fiver about 10 years ago. It's my only GW army and I got it with the intention of doing a 'what if' campaign against my modern Brits(pics to follow on another post) or against any of my WW II armies. If memory serves, it took about 3 days to paint the lot!

Second is one of my few 25/28mm armies -Polish Renaissance. I'll be honest, I use the term army rather loosely here as there are no pancerni and only one unit of Winged Hussars. I actually have another five of each from Irregular to paint but haven't got round to it yet. Manufacturers include Essex, Hinchcliffe and Mini Figs. The big artillery piece is actually one of those that fires matchsticks but the trigger looks a bit like the elevation block so I kept it. 7 or 8 years old.

Thirdly, a box of two Prussian Napoleonic Landwehr cavalry regiments and a brigade commander. The Napoleonic Collection is made up of Lancashire Games, Essex and Mini Figs amongst others.

Fourthly, another box of Prussian cavalry. This time a mixed brigade of Dragoons and Landwehr. The army is based to Peter Gilder's In the Grand Manner Rules.

Fifthly, the Prussian infantry, cavalry, commander and a couple of little vignettes with odd figures I couldn't find any other use for. I've got about another four batteries of artillery unpainted. About 8-9 years old.

Next, A smallish French Corps of Napoleonic 5mm Mini Figs blocks. Possibly 30 years old. Some work still required on the bases.

A British Division of 5mm blocks. In another 8 of the same sized boxes I have my 5mm Prussians. The complete 1st Armee Korps of the 1815 campaign and all the Guard troops.

Some 6mm Polish Napoleonics. Not painted by me. about 15 years old.

Now, there is a story behind this 15mm Macedonian Army. About 30 odd years ago I went to a show, fancied a Macedonian army and brought a load of original best match Mikes Models figures -at 2p for an infantry figure and 4p for cavalry. Bu**ger me, 2 weeks later, Mikes Models announced a brand new range in Mil Mod, no prizes for guessing which range that was. I think I incorporated some of the old figs in the army but still ended up buying another shedload of the nice new figures. All Mikes Models bar the Greek hoplites, (not painted by me), and the Indians which are Mini Figs.

I have a few others not yet included here coz most of them are elsewhere on the blog. The only three outstanding ones that immediately spring to mind are 25mm Mongols, 1/300 Modern Brits and 1/300 Modern Israeli.

Thursday, 27 January 2011

I went, I watched and then came home again.

Well, the Blues are off to Wembley to take on Arsenal after beating the Irons 4-3 on aggregate. Carlton Cole put away a screamer after splitting two defenders and everyone thought that's it, 3-1 over both legs. Do you know how difficult it is to sit there with clenched teeth and fists in your lap when your team score and you are amongst at least 16,000 of the opposition supporters? Let me tell you, when Cole scored I felt like jumping and screaming like a banshee, but I couldn't...unlike like my mate and MO did when Blues scored. I put on brave smile, stood and clapped magnanimously.
Everyone thought it was game over except Alex Mcleish, the Blues manager. The b*gger did it again,put a rocket up their bums and Blues came out in the second half like a different team and scored twice to even it up. About midway through the half McLeish decided to bring on the head on legs that is Nicola Zigic -as MO put it 'he's good at being tall'. (For those who don't know, Zigic is 6" 9' without his socks on.) Luckily he can't jump -not that he has to- but he most definitely is the comedy element. Using his head and both feet, he sprayed the ball everywhere -to Hammers players, off the pitch and even into empty space. Boy did we chuckle. And then, in the first period of extra time, the lanky swine only went and made a pass out into the space where Gardiner was lurking.
Gardiner tee'd it up and wellied it, low and hard down to Green's right. Keeper managed to get a solid hand on it but it spun over his arm and in. He obviously thought he should have done better because he immediately held his head in his hands.

Overall, I would have to say that the Blues were a bit hungrier, having more shots -and on target- than the Irons. But nevertheless, it was a bl**dy good game and I'm so chuffed I got to go. Ta again MO!

PS There's even a chance of me going to Wembley with MO and my mate. This time I will definitely follow the Blues and holler and shout like the rest of them...but I draw the line at wearing a Blues shirt. Although they are my second favourite team in the country there are limits.

Monday, 24 January 2011

Latest terrain projects

Back at work today and remembered to bring the camera home so here are the promised pics of my latest terrain projects:- the finished woodland pond and a couple of small hills.

1. First off, the pond. Everything is finished apart from the foliage. I put this one in because I like the lighting -it shows up the water effect quite well. Only a single coat of gloss varnish.

2. The completed pond, taken a bit further away from my painting lights. I managed (don't know how, though), to avoid glare from the water.

3. Basic hill construction. Offcuts and bits from various thicknesses of polystyrene -acquired just in time from a local skip- were glued down with wood glue to a irregular piece of thick card and some slate pieces glued were down with Hard as Nails. The whole lot was then covered with strips of masking tape that extended under the base. The masking tape used is the cheap stuff from Poundland. Don't worry about any folds left from where the masking tape has creased, they add to the topography of the piece. I like to use the odd rock, stone or pieces of slate to add a little weight to the piece.

4. The whole top surface was then covered with the ubiquitous sand and wood glue. Once dried, to represent earth collapse, some small pieces of unused cat litter were glued down with wood glue. For more adhesion and to fill in some of the major gaps all the litter was covered in diluted glue. Then more sand was glued down along the top of the litter for continuity.

5. Both new hills together. A quick blast across the top with an unperfumed extra-hold hairspray to keep the flock on and the ball's in the net.

Saturday, 22 January 2011

My Personal Library Notes.

There you have it, the compete library as of 2010 -I know that somewhere in the house there are books that I have missed. At the moment we have 34 book shelves of varying lengths and widths scattered around the house -all are mine bar one. Now you understand why the missus calls the gaff a library rather than a house; I prefer to call it a centre of learning. Anyway,I don't know what she is on about. (Chuckle).
You will notice that there are a few volumes by myself, these were written in my Hamlet Models phase.

Library -Part Nine -General Military and Wargamiing


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Wednesday, 19 January 2011

It's back!!

Yahoo! My figure painting mojo has returned from wherever it disappeared off to for the last couple of months!
Today, being off work with a ear infection that affects my sense of vertical balance and makes me feel a tad Uncle Dick unless I am sitting down, I finished off the first 18 of the 3rd Sassy Levy unit and undercoated the remaining 12. Still got to work out what standard I am going to give them yet.

I also finished off the second hill. A few passes with a can of extra strong hair spray keeps the flock on. Pics soon.

Next project update: Still haven't found the box of 15mm ACW figures yet.

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

More armies

First up we have Imperial Romans on the left and Carthaginians on the right. In the centre of the box are some Carthaginian elephants and near them are the Roman onager and ballistae. 6mm Irregular.

ACW Union in a bit of a mess. 6mm Irregular.

WW I 1914 Germans. Loads of infantry, a few cavalry and a shedload of artillery. 6mm Irregular.

In the middle is the artillery while above them are 1914 French and below are 1916 French. Some Renault tanks in the bottom right. The reason for the different types is because the French changed uniform colour from dark blue coats and red trousers to horizon blue in about 1915. Even in 6mm this change is noticeable.

British 1914. I decided to use them all through the war because in that scale the difference between a cap and a helmet is not that noticeable especially if the uniform colour is the same. A shot down aircraft of indeterminate pedigree and some male tanks complete the force. 6mm Irregular.

Modern Polish Army from a variety of manufacturers. Not painted by yours truly.

WW II Japanese. This army includes some home made Landing Craft at the top left. Lots of not very good tanks and loads of infantry.Most if not all Irregular. tried some small conversions in this army and made a few destroyed tanks; one losing a track and another 'brewing up' with its turret on the ground next to it.

One of my earliest and biggest 15mm armies, that of ECW Parliamentarian. Began painting in 1981 and finished in 1983. thorough mix of manufacturers including Mini Figs, Mikes Models, Warrior and others. The command figures in the lower centre are Naismith.

Han Chinese 15mm mostly Essex. The majority painted by me including the chariots. this army was painted in 1984-5. The dirty brown colour on the bases is proper dried dirt -I was in my 'keep it natural' phase of wargaming at the time. Never used it before or since.

Still not dry I trust?


Old Figures - new pictures.

The other day as I was having a rummage, trying to find those errant ACW 15mm figures I was speaking about earlier when I had a thought. This is a golden opportunity to get some pictures of other armies. Now bearing in mind that time was a bit limited in that I had to go to work later so I only managed to get some of them done.

All pics are of course clickable.

First off is my 6mm ECW Royalist army with Rupert's infantry 3rd up on the left. all are Irregular. Not painted by me, all other armies in this post are.

Sassanid Persians. From top left to bottom right: Light cavalry, Levy infantry, clibs and catties mix then half a dozen pachyderms. General is on a base at the front. 6mm by Irregular.

Next up, Renaissance Turks with Spahi's of the Porte and other spahi's on the top left. Janissaries bottom left, next to them is the artillery contingent made up of 4 big bu**ers and then some generic light cavalry. On the right of the Spahi's are some mad light cavalry in tigerskin cloaks. Top right is a collection of levies/ basic fighting troops. General out front. 6mm Irregular.

Confederate ACW army. Loads of infantry, cavalry and a few guns. Even got some wounded markers for these. Organised a la Fly and Furry Ruleset. Again 6mm Irreglar.

Mongols. Light cavalry on left, heavies on the right. This may seem a tad small against other armies but don't forget I can cull quite a few of the others to make up numbers if I so wish. Guess what...6mm Irregular.

That's it for this time.

The Irons - Half the job done.

Good result for the Hammers last night. First half was all WH with only the Blues keeper managing to limit the score to 1-0 to the Irons; the rest of the team just couldn't cope. McLeish must have put a rocket up their collective ar**s in the interval coz they came out like a different team. Good header but cr*p defending by the Hammers led to the equaliser. Then Obinna, in a fit of stupidity kicked back at Larsson who like most players nowadays went down as if he'd been wellied in the nads by a baseball bat. (Strange though, less than a minute later he was taking a free kick on the other side of the pitch. What do they put in that spray, eh?) Straight red, off he went, no argument from anybody. Grant brought on Cole who scored probably one of the softest goals of his career. It was going so slowly that when it hit the net there was only a slight bulge. That doyen of football punditry Alan Hanson -a man I have disliked as a player ever since 1976-7 when Southend hosted Liverpool in the FA Cup and Hanson pulled the Southend striker down when he was clear through- reckoned the ball was traveling at no miles per hour as it crossed the line?? The one moment when Foster got it wrong. I felt for the bloke; made some cracking saves in the first half and it looked as though he was a bit unsighted as the ball trickled under his trailing leg. So it ended 2-1 to the Hammers.

MO said he had to take deep, calming breaths when Blues scored otherwise it could have been lampshade time for the poor so-and-so. I will probably have to do the same on the 26th.

Everything still to play for. Should be good as long as WH don't come up here to defend a tenuous one goal lead.

Bring it on! Can't wait!

PS Roots Hall, Southend's home ground usually had anywhere between 4-6,000 supporters at a match. On that particular cold night during the worst snow for donkey's years there were over 30,000 crammed into the place -at that time probably most of the local population of the town! I'm telling you, sardines in a tin have more breathing space. 0-0 it finished but the Shrimpers got bladdered in the replay.

Sunday, 9 January 2011

A woodland pond

This is really a WIP just to show the stages of construction.
The first picture has already got all of the basic elements in place. The observant reader will have noticed that the tops of two stones have been left uncovered.

The reason for the lack of wood glue and sand is because I have a weighty piece of steel that I lay across things to stop them warping.

The water is now done and varnished with a single coat of Ronseal Gloss varnish, the base colour is on and the reeds have been a coat of ochre. This was a learning exercise for me in that I have not made such a large area of water before.
HINT. If possible paint and varnish the water BEFORE you wood glue and sand the thing because the sand gets everywhere, even when you thought it was all stuck down!

Who's been a busy little chappie, then?

Recently, I have been mostly making terrain. So far I have several single trees, two pieces of broken ground using old cd's as the base, two small woods/copses/spinney's on card bases and a woodland pond (currently unfinished but just needing a bit of drybrushing and some foliage glued on).

I thought I would share my method of construction. The basic construction is the same for everything, it's just the materials and the application that occasionally differ.

1. First off there is the broken ground on a cd base as mentioned on the post before last.

Simply done.
A) Scratch a cd base with some glass paper to increase the adhesion.
B) Using some propriety adhesive such as Hard as Nails or Sticks like S**T, glue various sized stones on the base.
C) Fill in the gaps around the bottoms of the stones with filler.
D) At this point you can stick down some home made tufty things (as outlined earlier in the blog).
E) Cover with wood glue and sand, then paint.

2. Next the small wood. For this I used twigs cut from the last of the seasons hedge trimmings as the trunks.

A) Glue some random stones down as outlined above and, using a contact adhesive such as Evostick or UHU, stick down the trunks in a previously arranged dry run. Put glue on both surfaces and leave it to go tacky before pushing the two together otherwise you will have to prop up the trunks so that they don't fall over.

B) Once the glue has dried thoroughly slop some Hard as Nails all around the bottom of the trunks as another layer of adhesion. Once this is solid then add the filler; a further covering around the trunk bases, gap filling on the stones and some random lumps to break up the flatness of the base.

C) Once that has dried cover with wood glue and sand.

D) I now paint all my bases in exactly the same way with the same colours. First off is a coat of a mid earth brown -mixed at Homebase- followed by areas of a wash of burnt umber.

E) This is followed with dry brushed Antique Gold and then Cream, both acrylics from Anita paints. Attach some patches of flock and shrubs and the base is finished.

F) In the summer I saw some dyed sisal used by people who make their own hanging baskets and thought it may work for tree canopy. If it worked then at £4.99 for a big bag it should make about 20-30 trees -cheap as chips. The 'branches' of the twigs are now coated in contact adhesive and clumps of the stuff are glued on. Trim off any errant string and that's it.

The figures have been included for scale. They are the small diorama of some 15mm Sassanid levy preparing to defend themselves against an enemy threat.

There are four layers of gunk around each of the trre trunks so that should hold them securely in place. The only thing with these is that you have to wait for each layer of gunk to dry before you can slap on the next. But I think it's worth it.

Another method I thought of was using pipe cleaners for tree trunks. This method involved twisting three or four together, leaving about an inch at the bottom to splay out for the 'roots' and make them as tall as you like. Glue the roots using a hot glue gun to a piece of thick card or one of those custom made circular bases. I have added a couple of small stones for a bit of added weight.
(In the background you can see the next unit of levy half done as well as some more undercoated Hunnic Mongols.)

Paint the trunk with a reasonably thin mix of wood glue, filler and water and when dry paint and add the foliage.

Keep yer bristles moist.