Sunday, 23 November 2008

All reasonably quiet on the West Midlands Front

Well, it's late November and not much has been going on at the Last Homely House in Brum, although saying that, the 10mm Mongols and Chin are coming along apace. I've also decided that if the rules I'm writing don't work out, I can always use Warmaster...with a bit of good old, home grown tweaking of course; after all, everything is organised on 3 same sized, base units. I have found some conversion tables on the inet so will have to check it out.

Other important stuff.

MO has told us- if anyone is planning to go and see Buddy Holly down the smoke, get in quick coz it's closing in February after an eighteen month run.

YO at Uni is on a placement and has her own patients, not bad for a second year student. All the family are well chuffed.

EO has a job, a missus -his words- and things are looking rosy there as well.

And then there is West Ham. Sliding periously down the table, only one point from the last... quite a few matches. I like Zola, he's youngish, obviously passionate and he is definately trying. I hope he can get a better chance than others before the suits start interfering. Three points against Sunderland today would be nice.