Saturday, 20 September 2008

Nothing worth watching on the TV so...

     Above: Polish Militia backed by foot knights. Something religious going on in the background.

                                                       Above: Generic European peasants.

                     Above: Duke Henry II the Pious with Hospitallers and Teutons on ride-past.

                                               Above: Close up of Polish Militia Command.
                                                              Click on piccy to enlarge.
Suddenly remembered that I promised to put some piccys of my 25mm medieval Poles and Russians on the blog. Figures are mostly Irregular although others are from all over the place including an inn doorman from someone's fantasy range and an Essex ancient Greek figure in the close up of the Polish Militia. The standard bearer is actually a conversion from an old Mini Figs Gallic trumpety thing blower.
Standards for Duke Henry, the Hospitallers and the Teutons are contemporary. As for the rest, the standards are proper Polish standards but not necessarily from early medieval. I think they are at least a couple of decades on. I'm pretty chuffed with them anyway.

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