Friday, 19 September 2008

Nothing at all to do with wargaming (1)

 Just read on the WHU website that the talismanic striker Ashton is going to be out for about a month with an ankle injury. What is it with him, eh? No sooner does he get fit and is in the running  for a position in the national side then, Bang! Out of it again.  Bloke needs a good injury-free run - preferably until the end of the season.
So, looking at my sheet,  he's going to miss at least Newcstle (H), Watford (A), (Carling Cup), Fulham (A), Bolton (H) and possibly Hull (A). With a bit of luck he'll be back int he running come the game at Upton Park against my pet hate Arsenal on the 26th October.  Then maybe he can stay fit.
Don't train, that's the trick. Paul Mcgrath -him of the dodgy knees who played for Villa quite a few years ago, (wonder what happened to him)- never trained as strenuously as the rest and he was okay. Mind you, he was a central defender so pace wasn't really a necessity, just useful.
In the meantime, how about a combination of Cole or di Michele up front and Sears just behind... in pouncing mode, the lad's gotta learn sometime, and anyway, he did alright for the few outings he had with the first team last season. Etherington on the left and Bellamy on the right, pace all round. Just got to keep an eye on the rear line now.
Nothing else to report except I wonder where Mr's Hilton and Imrie are going with their humungously sized 28mm Napoleonic battalions...and who's going to supply the opposition! If nothing else. it's going to look pretty damned tasty. Good luck with that one fellas.

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