Wednesday, 1 October 2008

Look out, another month has just shot past!

Above is a picture (also on the 10mm wargaming yahoo group website ( ) of the first of my Roman cohorts.  Please ignore the table top, the garden hose, the fence and the wall in the background. Also before I get inundated with comments about the broken standared on the centre base...I know its broken, it happened after the bloke was glued down so there was nothing I could do. Mind you, it can only be seen if you enlarge the photo.
Well, October certainly crept up on me. All of a sudden it's the Derby show this weekend; probably going up on the Saturday. The older you get, the faster the time passes. (Whoever said that first should have immediately slapped a copyright on it -he'd be rolling in it by now.)
Mongol's and the rest have gone off the boil a bit, mainly because I don't have any more to paint...but I do have 10mm Romans and Gauls. Now, as of the time of this post the Romans have 3 cohorts of regulars plus two of supporting infantry and both units of cavalry for the legion.
While out on a walk the other day I worked out that an eight cohort strength legion, (yes, I know they were ten but in the field and all that), means that at a minimum of 42 figures per cohort I only need to paint another 210 of the little buggers, not including another two cohorts of supports, plus the legionary artillery and all the other attached impedimenta...Phew, no problem there then.
Don't get me started on the unpainted mini-mountain of Gauls!
Irons are still on a roll -apart for a glitch against Watford- but how long it will last is anybody's guess. Typical of WH, going out to lower league opposition, still, at the moment, a quick look at the table shows that they are in contention for Europe next year, although now that Ashton's out for x amount of months options up front are extremely limited, saying that, young Freddie Sears whacked four past West Brom reserves not too long ago. Definately good for the future that lad...although the future could be nearer than you think.

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