Monday, 8 September 2008

First Rant of the blog

Went into T'cos, our local supermarket yesterday for some more skewers. There weren't any on the rack so I accosted a wandering staff member.

'Sorry, I haven't seen any of them for ages.' 

'Are you likely to get any more in?' I asked in a despondant voice, thinking back to the last time I bought any...last Spring as I remembered. 

She brightened visibly, 'Possibly next year ready for the barbeque season.' 

My faith in the supermarket chain plummeted. Still, other alternatives were possible, after all, H'base sold BBQ's and they were just over the road.

Thus fortified I ventured across the Queen's Highway, through the doors and.....same response.

The word on the tip of my tongue was something akin to small spherical objects but fortunately it stayed there. Of course, once out of the shop I had what Connelly aptly calls ' A Wee Swearie'.

It's close to Autumn now, I said to myself, who on earth has a BBQ in the Autumn? (Actually, I can think of a few diehard souls. No-one that you would know though.) 

So now, I am distinctly stymied in my plans to recreate the marvelous medieval wooden walls of Kiev or Novgorod in 10mm -maybe until next years BBQ season comes around.

On a slightly more positive note, cocktail sticks might work and of course are available all year round. Just a hell of a lot shorter and thinner which means more potential for losing the tips of fingers to craft knife or modelling saw accidents.

But hey ho, no pain no gain. What they don't tell you is that blood stains wood just as effectively as any paint wash I know of.

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