Wednesday, 10 September 2008

Amazing Thing Weather

Nothing whatsoever to do with wargames but I woke up this morning (blues riff if you please), looked out of the window and IT WASN'T RAINING! Now I know this won't mean much to anyone who was born 'offshore' but, believe it or not, even us Brits get mightily narked off with an almost constant vertical river. So it was an extremely welcome change to get up to sunshine. A bit of sunshine makes one want to do all sorts of crazy things, like go out. Mind you, brought back to earth with a bump when Middle Offspring (MO) phoned and informed me that he and his girlfriend had arrived in Tunisia where apparently it's silly hot. He's havng a well earned break from the West End, I've seen the show five times (The Buddy Holly Story, brilliant. Go see it. That's it, plug over.)
I know all about silly hot  coz me an' missus were there in June in the middle of a heatwave -a Mediterranean country with a heatwave, sounds wierd- but believe me it was a nice and warm 44 C (that's 111 F in old money, I know, I checked). Suddenly the whole world -well the bit where we were- was populated by two legged lobsters, amazing sight, I didn't know people really could go that colour! Whereas at this moment England it's currently a nice and sultry...19C.
Not difficult to see why people go abroad is it?

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