Sunday, 14 September 2008

Taking the Plunge

Well. after a few days of umming and ahring, (not convinced that is the correct spelling but you get my general meaning), I thought I'd have a go at making the first town wall piece for my 10 mm Medieval Mongols and Russians.
Top: Just to show progress so far. A single 120mm length of city walls with earthen bank in front, arrow slits in the overhanging bit at the top but as yet no roof or rear. tree to the left and figure in front for an idea of scale. By the way, the tree is just in front of the build, not just in front of the camera.
Bottom: A slightly clearer piccy of the wall with a base of Chinese crossbowmen (Irregular) in front. Instead of using polystyrene tiles (which I have a box of left over from back in the day before foamboard), I found some poly blocks of just the exact height required. Only trimming into earthen bank shape on the one side needed. I thought! HA! Little did I remember from my old poly using days. 
Trimming poly, what a swine that is. I wouldn't even recommend it  to someone I didn't like; it's a bitch with a capital 'B' and all the other letters. Flaming stuff gets everywhere and its got the adhesive qualities -by using static plastic trickery- of superglue! Can't seem to shift it, it sticks to your hands, craft knife blades, clothes, every bloody thing. but I'm stuck with it (no pun intended), so I'll just have to soldier on.
What a mission this is turning out to be. Started off all bright and cheerful; I had planned at least five pieces of 300mm long wall with a wall-tower-wall set up. On top of that will be the main gate, probably on the same length base. Now I think before I get it all finished I am going to need some serious inspiration...and I do mean serious inspiration.
Halfway down the back wall now, with at least 30 rows of picks on each side of the central upright.
Going by the number of picks used to date, I can mentally picture at least half of the South American rainforest being denuded of trees in my quest.
More piccys as I go.
Had a telephonee call from MO yesterday. Remember him, the one currently basking in the sun under a cloud free sky in Tunisia? Apparently, not so much of the cloud free. THEY HAVE HAD SOME RAIN!! Ha! He goes all that way to get rained on. Different rain, he says. What?? It's much warmer and dries up within minutes. He'll be telling me it's dry rain next. He did say that while it was not too clever in the weather stakes, it didn't stop them getting out and about. They went to Carthage -or at least what the Roman's left of it. Good stuff, can't wait to see the piccys.
Good match on Saturday, listened to it on one of the local radio stations. The only problem was the ref got a game-changing decision wrong and the Baggies won, although the Irons had a good go for the equaliser. Nice open game but 2-2 or 3-3 would have been a fairer result. Another case in favour of video inquest. Not to take anything away from West Brom, they need the points more than WH do at the moment...just as long as it doesn't come back to bit WH on the  backside near the end of the season.

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