Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Few Good (Little) Men

10mm Mongols,
In the main, back to 10mm for this posting.
Top - Mongol Light Cavalry supporting a base of Medium Cavalry.
Lower -a unit of Chinese Militia Spearmen.
All Irregular Minis.
I took advantage of the second reasonble day on the trot to rush out into the back garden like a man possessed and take a few piccys. A couple of the results above. A few years ago I acquired a job lot of terrain coloured carpet tiles. The base is one of them cut up in a rather nice hill shape. (Kindly ignore the garden table, just concentrate on the figures.)
I sat down yesterday armed with a a box of toothpicks, a pencil, some paper and a 6" ruler. Made a few line drawings for the Russian city walls and found out one thing for's going to take a s**t load of toothpicks to make it look any good!
I have an idea of a hint of a plan. Use two levels of polystyrene bits for the earthen bank on the outside walls, this should cut down the horizontal picks to about 15  high. Of course, on the inside walls the b****y things go all the way down, no smutty comments, thank you. Then the walkway base. Above that there will be an angled roof over the battlements. At best guess the walls will be something between 90 and 100mm high. Of course, the towers will be taller and then there is the gatehouse. Not too sure whether the Great Gate at Kiev is a good idea after downloading some piccys... bit of a monster. Therefore, something a bit less ostentatious is going to have to do; but I'm quietly confident it's going to be the mutts nads when it's finished.
England, eh? Who would have thought it? Played their socks off especially Rooney in Part Two; dominated all across the midfield. In my opinion he was man of the match. Yeah, yeah, I know Master Walcott got three of the goals but -to use an Americanism- Rooney was 'awesome'.  The annoying thing is that I'm not a great lover of Man U but at least they are higher in my personal  reckoning than Arsenal. Don't know why, just never liked Arsenal, even when the likes of Charlie George, Frank McClintock, Bob Wilson, George Graham et al were playing for them. Just me, I suppose.
Bestest footballing moment, apart from the 66 final that is; the 1-0 FA Cup victory in 1980, with our Trev heading the winner. What more could you ask for.

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