Tuesday, 31 May 2011

Bl**dy Trees

The ongoing tree situation. Fir trees, piece of p*ss, however the deciduous variety is having a right flippin' Turkish! Had to dip the little s*ds again as they were harder but not hard enough (if you know what I mean missus). Perhaps third time lucky.

Got the last 20 10mm Mongol cavalry and the final unit of 18 Chin crossbows undercoated last night and they are ready to go, hopefully I should have them done in a couple of days. This will give me 24 bases of 4 Mongol LC each and 9 bases of 8 mixed HC & EHC. The Chin have 3 bases of 8 HC, 9 bases of 4 LC, 6 bases of 12 HI, and 18 bases of spears, bows and Xbows militia and 1 base of 2 rockets.

What about the boards, I hear you say. Well, I reply, I've got all the stuff now, paint, sand, PVA, and disposable roller for glue and paint and tape for the edges so all being well (and fine) should start tomorrow; I'll take pics as I go.

Don't forget, it gets drier quicker in the heat.


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