Monday, 2 May 2011

History revisited

For all you Ancient wargamers out there I thought I'd give you some views of the 'Ribat' at Sousse in Tunisia -taken by myself in 2009- for colour, texture and construction details. The actual construction of the main building dates back to the late 8th Century AD with the watchtower being added in 821 AD. There was some more work done in 1722 and it is possible that the doors in pictures 3, 7 and 8 were added at this time. the only reasoning I have for this is that the lintels look newer than the rest. The whole Ribat was heavily restored after some serious bombing in 1942-43.

Originally a religious institution, in exchange for special privileges, the occupants were the watchers of the coastline to give warning of any approaching Byzantine fleet. Fires at night and smoke during the day from the watchtower could pass the information on to other coastline forts.

All pics are of course clickable for in-yer-face detail.

1. The Entrance Porch on the south face.

2. A closer shot of the Porch.

3. Detail of a small door on the eastern face.

4. Looking north-north-east, another shot of the Porch.

5. Looking at the north face.

6. Square Watchtower with circular tower above in the south-east corner.

7. Another small door either on the north or west faces.

8. Same door as in '3' but additionally, showing the battlements.

The next five shots are of the interior.

9. On the north wall looking south towards the entrance.

10. Circular corner tower battlement detail.

11. North-eastern corner looking south towards the Sqaure Watchtower. Nothe the crenelations on both sides of the walkway.

12. More tower battlement detail.

13. Showing courtyard. Taken from south-eastern corner looking to the north-west.

If anyone wants some more details just let me know, I have a copy of the Guide book from this ribat as well as the one from Monastir. Also have a copy of the official guide book from Carthage (whats left of it).

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Andy said...

Wonderful pictures. Hope to visit Carthage (possibly 2016 as talking to other half about going to Waterloo in 2015.

Just back from Rome and had a great time. Sitting having lunch in the shadow of Trajans column and chatting to one of the people restoring part of the Colosseum were highlights.