Sunday, 1 May 2011

Biting the fixative bullet

Today was another nice day weather wise, so after the missus had gone off to work and all the animals sorted, I say all, we have one cat, Tasha, and two recently acquired kittens, Archie and Willow, but they all need feeding and the litter tray sorting and I need feeding etc. So at about eleven thirty I decided to bite the bullet on fixative and try a watered down PVA spray on the new road system. The result was 'Busting1' (as they say hereabouts). Covers like a dream and not a single strand of static grass came loose afterwards. The only problem is that at first the PVA spray came out a bit blotchy so I had to do a quick dabbing and mopping job with a piece of kitchen roll, but apart from that the system works a treat. Doing the job outside meant that the spray dried in less than ten minutes. My next trial is to see if it will negate the sheen left by the hairspray fixing method on my 6mm Moderns.

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