Thursday, 2 June 2011

Finally, the boards are done

Yesterday was a nice day so I though I'd take the bull by the horns and go for it.

Here are a couple of the sheets used. The sheets were bought from Wickes's a few months ago in readiness for the summer.

First things first, give the boards a protective cover on the sides. Now here I had my first hiccup. Being me I didn't look and the height measurement and assumed that it was 50mm but it wasn't it was 52mm! So I had to give the edges two pieces of adhesive tape to cover the whole thing. Hiccup two,I had only bought one roll of tape, well you would if you thought that the total length to be covered was 10.2m and you had bought a 15m roll. So I had to troll off to the shop to get another roll.

Then all three boards were given a coat of PVA using a roller (much quicker than a brush), and covered in beach sand still with bits of trilobite shell in it.

Following this they were given a coat of my base colour (Dulux shade 5010Y30R known as Eclipse Deleted). This was also rollered on with the occasional flick of the roller to remove bits of loose grit.

Then I learnt a new technique- new for me that is- dry-brusing with a roller. Now the rollers I was using were the cheap but eminently functional 4" foam from a local £1 shop -got 4 rollers, 1 handle and a tray for me money, bargain. First colour on was Homebase Warm Yellow followed by a lighter brushing of Summer Jasmine.

Finally, patches of flock were glued down and when dry, the whole thing was give a healthy spray of PVA and water to seal it. Job done. Three boards, half a days work in the sunshine even allowing for the paint to dry.

Just need more terrain pieces now...and the space to set it up. Note to self, sort the bl**dy loft out.

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Willie Anderson said...

They look great well done may give that ago sometime myself.