Monday, 9 May 2011

Another Bargain had!

Now I am a regular visitor to our small, local library. I say regular because it's once every four weeks when my books are due. Normally, I use the place to get books that I classify as past-time reading i.e. thrillers, horror, sci-fi, fantasy etc. While there I always have a quick gander at the For Sale trolley and very occasionally, I might find one historical tome that catches my eye. This time I found not one but six, namely:
The Warriors Way, England in the Viking Age by Stephen Pollington. Lots of pictures and maps and things.
The Wars of the Roses by J R Lander and Richard III, The road to Bosworth Field by P W Hammond & Anne F Sutton. This is a period of our history that I will go on record as saying that I know very little about beyond the fact that it happened and that we had King Henry VII at the end of it.
Monty's Marauders by Patrick Delaforce. An account of the Red Fox 8th Armoured Brigade from its beginning to the end of the war.
Monte Cassino by David Hapgood and David Richardson and Cassino The Hollow Victory by John Ellis. Again, have sketchy knowledge about this particular episode of WW II.

So that's six hardbacks from the Discarded trolley at the princely price of 10p apiece. Can't be bad. you never know, I may even get round to reading them at some stage.

Don't want to talk about the Hammers and haven't done for quite a while. I will be pleasantly surprised if they manage -against the odds- to stay up, but I'm not holding my breath. And if they do go down no doubt some of the players will want out; if they had any loyalty, they would stay and get the club back up straight away, but I can't see that happening either.


Andy McMaster said...

Nice find there! I used to do the rounds of the libraries years ago but just seemed to have got out of the habit.

Subedai said...

It was pure luck I can assure you, but luck of a good nature for once, normally I see the person in front of me walk away with what I wanted.
I don't know if you are the same but wherever the missus and I go in the country we seem to home in on the local second hand shops -she looks for nick-nacks or paintings while I make a bee line for the books. Between us we are running out of wall space!