Monday, 23 May 2011

Modern Update

Just to let you know I haven't fallen off the edge of the world or anything but occasionally, the outside world gets in the way.

Well, the Russians are coming along apace; in fact so much so that I've nearly finished them. Painted at present there are 3 tank battalions of 9 models apiece (2 T72 and a T55), 1 motorised infantry battalion of 10 bases and the divisional headquarters of AA, bridging, mine-laying, recovering and other such support stuff. 1 more infantry battalion to paint and thats it.

Next week should be interesting if the weather holds. I intend to get outside and have a go at covering the boards that I bought a few months ago (remember them?). If it works I'll put some piccies up.

Been making some more terrain B & P's such as more explosions -6 so far -but none with any cotton wool as yet. I've concluded that they can be used in various scales up to and inc 25mm as grenade bursts. Also made another, small, hill for the boards.



Andy McMaster said...

My God, man! You need more Russians than that! :)

Glad to see things are still moving along. Will look forward to seeing a game report soon ;)


Subedai said...

Yeah, I know, but thats all the armour I've got at the moment. Still to go are a couple of Hind's and some XL artillery pieces (but no crews as yet. Worse case scenario is that I can always draft in the WW II Katyusha!