Monday, 10 February 2014

Latest Polish

This isn’t a complete unit...yet. Trawling through the internet I found that there were 500 troops from the Order of the Knights Templar present at Liegnitz, broken down into 3 Templar Knights, 83 other mounted troops and the rest were infantry from the Templar villages in the area. I have translated this into one base of Templars and the other two of guest knights and their sergeants. I may well do the infantry as another foot unit. Now I know that this isn’t historically accurate but I like it.
So, the first base is complete and the figures for the other two are mostly finished. But flippin’ eck, they don’t half take a time to paint! When you think of medieval knights the first thing that springs to mind is armour, in copious amounts. Not true, especially for the mounted types on caparisoned horses. Painting quartered shields, tabards and caparisons takes time...a lot of time, even more so in 10mm.

But anyway, here it is, the Templar Knights base which I’ve also entered into the Pendraken Painting competition. As soon as the others are done I’ll post them as well.

By the way, my mate of Jace Photography took the pictures because my little point and click is not clever enough on close in focus even with the 'macro' enabled.

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