Saturday, 15 February 2014

Amazing! It worked.

I usually stick figures down on strips of wood to paint them and for ages I have been using a glue gun to stick them down. This was all very well on 15's or 25's where the weight of the figure is an overriding factor, but the little 10mm chaps aren't that heavy, the bases are comparatively small  and on top of that, I was getting through a fair number of glue sticks in the process.
  A couple of days ago I was wandering around the DIY section of our local Poundland when I had one of my Light Drizzle moments, (in other words possibly a good idea but not exactly a life changing Brain Storm, hence Light Drizzle). I purchased the item in question, tried it at home and it works a treat. What is it? Double sided sellotape. One side gets stuck to the strip, peel off the backing and Robert is most definitely your Mother's Brother. Works like a charm; 10mm infantry are happily stuck for the duration of the painting.. So for the outlay of £1 you get three reels of the stuff and I am using it in roughly 6 inch lengths. I don't know how long each reel is but I'm guessing that it's at least 3 feet, possibly 4.

Still on a wargaming front, I'm off to Cavalier 2014 in Tonbridge Wells next weekend. It's reasonably local now -only half hour by bus- and a show I haven't been to for at least 28 years, in fact about the same time that George Gush published his Renaissance Armies book! Looking forward to it and I'll put in a report in a future post, probably with some pictures.

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