Wednesday, 26 February 2014

Cavalier Show in Tonbridge

Last Sunday, 23rd, I went to the Cavalier Show in Tonbridge, the annual show of the Tunbridge Wells club. This is a show I haven’t been to since the very early 1980’s and if I remember correctly it was in a school back then. This time it was at a venue known as the Angel Centre, only five minutes walk from the bus stop. Yes, I can catch a direct bus from Maidstone to Tonbridge. Had a really good time, some nice games on show including a 28mm plastic Marlburian ‘Tabletop Teaser’ by my old club –going waaay back when to the 70’s and early 80’s- the South East Essex Military Society, SEEMS, using a sheet of the increasingly popular faux teddy-bear fur laid over some contour-creating foam shapes underneath. The figures were from Wargames Factory, nicely painted and they used a very novel gun smoke idea. The basis was cotton wool but they had teased it out into an open bell shape so as to look like a smoke ring at the end. In the centre of the ring was a representation of a cannon ball. Very effective. More information on the club can be found here at

Another game that I noticed was a 10mm version of Kohima from the North London Wargames Group using the very nice range of Pendraken figures.
I happened to mention that they seemed to have missed off the most iconic area of the battlefield, that of the Tennis Court, and was politely informed that as the battle was almost in scale, the front was seven thousand yards long and the Tennis Court would be on the next table! That will teach me to act like an anorak! The gentleman I spoke to –Hertsblue on the Pendraken Forum as I found out a little later- who also told me that the game was part of an ongoing campaign series they are running at shows and that the next game would indeed feature the Tennis Court. Good stuff.

I also had a chat with Mr. Badger from Pilum Painting –a WD3 Forum member whose stall was displaying some nicely painted figures, all at what I thought to be reasonable prices for the finish.  More information here
I also met up with another mate from way back when in Southend, we had a great chat for several hours and are arranging a game at my gaff in a few weeks hence.

Now some random shots of some of the other games on display.
From Deal Wargames, a good  WW II Far East beach landing.

The Tonbridge club put on a Napoleonic naval version of the Battle of Cape Saint Vincent using the lovely Langton ships. Don't see many naval games at shows, nice one.‎

Obviously there were other games but for some of them my camera got a bad attack of the shakes or the lighting wasn't good enough...bad workman and tools blaming, sorry. A small American/ British War of 1812 scenario with what looked like a few 28mm battalions a side run by Richard Partridge, another  old colleague of mine from back in the day . More information on the nice little chaps from a company I'd never heard of can be found here: 
A 15mm Great Northern War fought on snow terrain by Crawley Wargames Club,‎ an Ancient Spanish game in 15mm with some brightly painted figures and a nice town by the Essex Warriors‎ and a large early WWII 15mm with French facing off against Germans. 

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