Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Back on Track

I must admit a bit of artistic licence here. As I mentioned in the Templar post (Latest Polish above), the unit was to be made up of one Templar base and two guest knight bases. The problem was that I have been unable to find the names of any guest knights so I had a look at this site
and chose some at random that I thought would look good together. Therefore we have representatives of the Sax family (yellow and red vertical halves), Lupfen (blue over white horizontal halves), Castell (red and white opposite quarters) and Ellenbach (yellow and green opposite quarters). Knowing my luck none of them were anywhere near Poland at the time but I like them. 
Once again there are figures from different ranges here. As well as some of the later medieval, the chaps with the kite shields are from the Norman range with the shield bosses filed off. I even went mad and converted a couple by exchanging shields.
As well as the usual base shots, I have taken a picture so that you can see what the whole unit looks like together. Personally, I think these are amongst the best 10mm I have ever painted and I am well chuffed with them.
Next up, the rest of the Lubomirski levy and then the first unit of LI archers.

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