Friday, 3 June 2011

More terrain

(Two in the same day, whatever next, eh?)

This time it's a small wood. The base is a piece of thick card of which luckily I have s**tloads. Pieces of garden slate (not mine) and small strips of irregularly shaped lumps of polystyrene are stuck down to breakup the flatness. The whole thing is covered in PVA and sand mix before being painted in my usual base colours.

NB. I always make sure that I can lay my Yet-To-Be-Patented pieces of steel across the piece to prevent warping. In this case it was across the tops of the slate. this procedure is done as well when the base coat is painted on. It might take a little longer but hey, it's only time and what's the rush?

The trees are once again scourers and cocktail sticks although some of the larger trees have BBQ skewers as the trunks. Holes are drilled in the base and a drip of PVA in each hole will secure the tree. Other bits of foliage are added but not too much as I wanted to leave some gaps for figures. I suppose to thicken it up some lichen can be put in the gaps.

The second picture gives you an idea of scale with the Warrior model.

Now that I have my boards I'm going to need a lot more terrain, especially for WW II and more recent. I know, I'll start tomorrow.

Mick S.

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