Friday, 24 June 2011

6mm Terrain

Now that the boards are done I thought it might be time for some more terrain construction. So I made a wood of deciduous trees. Now these caused untold bl**dy problems in that the clumpy stuff only stuck to the cocktail sticks as long as nobody was looking. When touched it fell off at the slightest opportunity. I was that racked off my first thought was to use an oxy-acetalene torch to keep it together but after calming down a bit I went with my second option, contact adhesive. This seems to have worked because nothing further has moulted...yet. The consruction method is the same as all my other terrain pieces.

Next up is a view of my first ever solo game and playtest for my own 'wot I ave wrote' rules, The Fury of the Tartars (WIP).

The setting is this. A half tumen of Mongols under the command of Snoopy Bahadur is attacking isolated villages to deny them to the enemy. A larger Khwarizmian force, commanded by the rather inept Sultan Abn Ad-Dill is on his way to Samarkand, collecting up the militia of the various villages and towns on the way. The village of Masalim, on the far right of the picture, is his last village. He is blissfully unaware that any Mongols are in the area. The picture has been taken at the end of the second move one mingghan of Mongols has sprung the trap. More photos and an AAR in another post.

A closer picture of Masalim, with its militia ready to march. (This has been entered into the Angel Barracks current terrain making competition.)

Finally for this post a picture of a mingghan of Mongol Battle Cavalry in ambush position behind a small hill.

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