Sunday, 12 June 2011

Started the marathon base repaint.

Now that I have my boards all the old bases need to be repainted to fit in. Made a start over the last few evenings and now have all 64 bases of 6mm Mongols finished. Next up will be the 6mm Sassanids because I can use them as Khwarizmians.

I had a rummage through my unpainted 6mm box and would you believe it, I don't possess a 6mm Chin/Song/Jurchen army. Got a generic Medieval European force (mostly unpainted) and others can be pulled in to make up any number of opponents but no Chin; so thats gone onto the Derby list of 'Things to get'. Plus, having a look on the Irregular website, I quite fancy at least one of their Chinese villages,(that's on the Derby list as well for at least a gander).

The first picture shows the 'before' base colour and the second gives you an idea of the 'after'. Personally, I think that the 'after' is much better as the light base shows off the figures nicely, (only about another 20 6mm armies to go!!??!!).

Why do we do this to ourselves, but at least it's just a repaint and not a rebase and repaint, that would drive me well beyond Batso!

Oh well, back to the grind.


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Andy McMaster said...

Basing maketh the figures...

They look much better.