Sunday, 2 August 2009

Back to wargames.

I have been ruminating incessantly for the past couple of weeks an I have come to a conclusion. The next 10mm army is going to be... either the generic Arabs or Samurai. Now, I know there are two to choose from but I still have until a week before Derby to work out which. (I will phone that nice Mr Kay from Irregular and ask for couple of battlepacks.) Something else that is niggling is that the Irregular Carthaginians look rather tasteful as well -but out of period; so I think that army is going to be one for later.  

I keep looking over to my painting table at the last unit of Mongol 10mm cavalry and thinking, I'll get them done soon. But you know how it is, life keeps getting in the way. Still, need to get a wiggle on so I can start afresh after Derby.

Make sure it's wet.


PS It's looking favourite for the Arabs.

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