Wednesday, 29 July 2009

Ha! Ha! Fooled You!

Whilst going through my Blog Settings just a moment ago I noticed a little tick square to show location on readers I ticked it. Now you can all see that I live in Middle England in a small village called Brummagem, a mere stones throw from Sutton Coldfield. But, I hear you cry, you are a follower of a football team that wears claret and blue and is not Aston Villa (or Burnley for that matter). Of course not! I originally hail from further daan sarf, at the eastern end of Thames River to be exact (Google it if you're not sure, why should I do everything for you?) I moved to my current domicile in just-before-the-middle-of-the-eighties and have been here ever since.  The Irons is an easy one, my family originally hail from Romford and Chadwell Heath area and -as I found out only a few years ago- most of them were/are West Ham followers anyway. (Apart from one cousin who is a Spurs fan, but no one's perfect).
Now this is where it gets a tad confusing. I have what is now called an Estuary Accent (but a bit upmarket; what with me pronouncing 'th' as 'th' instead of 'ff' and missing the 'k' from the end of words such as something (sumfink) or nothing (nuffink). EO (Eldest Offspring) has a reasonable Brum accent but takes after his old man and is a Hammer. MO , like father, has an Estuary Accent but even more upmarket than mine coz he is an actor an all, who has had electrocution lessons, don't you know -he is an ardent Bluenose (Birmingham City Supporter to the non-locals).  See what I mean? Confusion abounds. Oh, and by the way, YO and OH have no football interest whatsoever.
Keep it wet,

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