Sunday, 9 August 2009

Change of Heart (2)

The other day I got on the mobile jellybone to a mate of mine back darn sarf whom I haven't spoken to for a while. We wargamed together from the ages of about 16 for a a good dozen years. (The best of my wargaming life by a country mile). We did the usual warm up banter... hows the family, whats happening etc, etc., before hitting the big time. Now he has no idea about this blog because in his own words he is NFI in the tinterweb ( no, its not a typo for some furniture company. it's an acronym for Not F***ing Interested). Hopefully, I may have changed his mind but I doubt it. Anyway, we got to the important stuff and he was telling me about his 25mm ACW armies -2 of 16 x 25 Union regiments and 13 x 25 Confederate. Now I have not the slightest (at the moment) interest in ACW but the magic numbers 25mm got to me, especially when I thought about my 10mm. 25mm I thinks wistfully, pretty colours, shading, grand spectacle et al. What have I got in 25mm? The ever present Mongols, a fair sized mix of Mediaval Poles and Russians and a Polish Renaissance -which you know about after seeing the all the posted piccys.
Then I had it. Several years ago I bought a trial unit of Irregular Sung spearmen and I only ever got 10 of the 24 finished. So now, the remainder are on the painting table, undercoated by the famous Blue Peter  method (here's one I did earlier) , and ready to go. So I will.
Ta, ta, the brush is calling.

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