Wednesday, 12 August 2009

Could be sticking with this (for the time being anyway).

Weeelll, after much deliberation I have paint the 25mm Chin spearmen that are to be the start of a new army. Irregular chaps and not too bad for it either. I have painted another half dozen leaving six inc officer and standard bearer. Now I am aware that Chinese units -one gentleman on the China History Forum reckons as many as one in twenty soldiers carried a flag- but I'm sticking with one per unit, mainly for sanity sake! And I'm goping to try out the League of Augsburg method of flag construction. More as it happens, maybe even some pics. Done a bit of cutting and slashing on the fellas but not too much; just the odd arrow in the shield or the occasional missing plume or even a bent hat brim. These are figures that don't really lend themselves to drastic conversion. On the Irregular website they are advertising a 24  figure infantry unit for £15 or 8 cav for £10, so Derby is now looking like 25mm.  Don't mates do yer ead in sometimes? Be assured, we shall discuss this further next time I speak to him.
On another 25mm theme, remember the part army of Carthaginians I have? Well, Warrior Miniatures offer extremely reasonably priced 'army deals' at 100 pieces for £30. 76 infantry and 12 cavalry for the first Carthaginian Army and 56 inf, 12 cav and 2 elephants. With a half decent paint  job, these are not bad looking little fellows. Could be doing some more of them.
Mine are straight, how about yours?

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