Wednesday, 5 August 2009

Another change of heart?

I been thinking. I have a nice Mongol 10mm army of the equivalent of a single tumen (10,000 at optimum strength) -3 units of heavies/mediums and 7 of lights, all from Irregular Miniatures. Then I had a look at the Command Base, which is not Irregular but is from... for days I couldn't remember the b****y company name. Checked all of my manufacturer Bookmarks. Nothing, sod all, not a sausage. Then, yesterday evening I had a St Pauls moment -well part of one anyway- begins with a K says I out of the blue, much to the surprise of OH who was watching something on the oblong picture box  about military ghosts and aircraft -para-normal I think it was. Got told off for being silly (not quite the words but you get my drift).
Then I had it, Kallistra!
You ever get that? Trying desperately hard to think of something that it's never going to happen as long as you have a hole in your a... Then, suddenly, usually about a week later it will hit you like a brick to the boat race and you then have a Eureka moment...normally when people who haven't got a clue what is going on are like sardines in the room. Same as if you go a over t in the street; there is nearly always a de Mille sized crowd of people who just happened to look your way as you go over! Never, never when no-one is around. (Are we getting into the realms of quantum thingy here?)
So anyway, I dashed up the rickety staircase to the north tower and had a quick Google.
Slobber, salivate. Pictures on the website. I had forgotten how nice their little chaps were. A little larger than Irregular but if I was to get a whole tumen of them...
At this point brain went into hyperdrive and I worked out that I only need -at 16 figs a bag- 2 heavy, 6 light and 2 command bags for the lot. £45. Bargain. Money well spent, thank you very much.
Then partial reality sneaked back in.
If I was to get another tumen, I would need shed loads more Chin. Not so, I argued with myself, some of the Mongols could be used as disaffected steppe nomads who hadn't wanted to join GK's little merry band and had done a runner for safer climes -i.e. China. Or as Tanguts, or Uighurs or anything really, including Kanglis for a Khwarizmian Army! (I'm still trying to work out whether I won that particular argument.)
What a b****y tangled web I weave for myself and no mistake!
So now, after a couple of e-mails to Mr Kay at Irregular about the availability of figures, I may be reneging on my deal. Don't know yet, might even get another tumen and the Arabs.
Keep em straight.

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