Wednesday, 22 July 2009

A new beginning...possibly

Well, you will be pleased to know that I have recovered my strength following the last post and am 'well up for it'... whatever it is! Ideas and projects spin through my mind like bodies orbiting a star, sometimes they will collide and gel to form a new idea and other times they just go round and round in circles, missing each other almost as if they are waiting for a time when I have one of those famed Eureka! moments and go off at a physical tangent. This is the main problem with painting figures and having no wargaming outlet. Feedback is a crucial element in our hobby for inspiring people to either just carrying on with a project or moving on to greater things. I have not had a wargame for at least three years but the entusiasm is still shining away rythmically like a lighthouse beacon. I like painting figures and over the years have amassed quite a large number of them in a variety of scales and periods. A few years ago I worked out that I had the equivalent of at least thirty-five 6mm armies; and I'm not talking about a block ( I use predominately Irregular Miniatures apart from WW II) to a unit either. My Mongol Army is 89 blocks in size, Turkish Reniassance numbers 54 infantry, 30 cavalry and 4 artillery pieces: ACW Confederate is 132 infantry, 24 cavalry, 5 guns and limbers, 10 wounded, 4 wagons, 4 horse holders and 1 command base with an Union force not much smaller. The WWII Das Reich SS Division is at 1:5 strength with 15 Panthers and 30 Pz IV's plus all the offensive support material. My 10mm 'stuff' is still ongoing, as is 15mm and 25mm. I can always find something to paint or make. For not only do I paint figures but I will make all the terrain pieces as well. The north tower could quite easily get overgrown with forestation in a number of scales if I wanted it to!
Looking back over this post I trust the reader will forgive the mental meanderings of a wargamers mind, but will understand my motives for carrying on. It's a labour of love, an addiction, call it what you will. I'm just so glad that I suffer from it.
Keep 'em straight.
P.S. Just as another aside, as proof of my scary fixation with the Mongols, I have four armies of the little blighters -6mm, 10mm, 15mm and 25/28mm. Worrying, isn't it?


airhead said...

Perhaps you should get your DNA checked out, you never know, the one true GK could be living in the west midlands!!

Keep up the good work, great blog.


Subedai said...

You never know. After all, according to MIB, Elvis didn't die, he just went home!!! Thanks for the comment.