Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Could be that the end is in sight!

I've just had a quick gander in the box marked 10mm Mongols and Chin and cor blimey, guvner, there is nothing there apart from a few scabby camels and the odd leftover figure that I haven't yet found a use for. That must mean that -a quick indrawn breath of amazement- I have painted all of them. Da, da! The first 10mm proper sized armies wot I have got.
By the bye, found another little bit about making 10mm trees, only this time of a more deciduous nature. Find it at http://www.carpediemww2.co.uk/terrain/10mmterrain/toothpicktrees.php. Pretty good, thinks I. Going to have ago when I can get hold of said green clumpy, flocky stuff. Although saying that, I just might have a bag in my  green clumpy, flocky stuff box...I'll have a look tomorrow as I've just looked at my Mickey Mouse chronometer and its at ten minutes shy of midnight and I've got a case of the rumbletums. Have to go and feed my face otherwise the rumbling will wake up the missus and we all know what that means, don't we, all you married men out there.
Psst...the football season starts in three weeks time, The Irons first match is up here in the Wet Midlands (Yep, raining again), against Premiership newcomers Volvo-Hampton Vanderers. We'll see.
Not impressed with Sultanta Sports going wossnames up. The other Silly Telly channel doesn't show that many WHU games so I haven't got it, but Sultanta came free with Mr. Branson's Silly Telly so I used to watch them on that. Tried it on the puter but after watching England against Kazakhstan with Ecuadorian commentary in Tunisia (gets confusing but nearly done), I have decided against it. I will probably end up watching the highlights on MoTD on Regular Telly instead. And of course, next year is World Cup year! Four weeks every four years and the missus still moans about there being too much on and why do the schedules have to change just to acommodate 22 blokes in shorts chasing after an inflated pigs bladder? (As you can see, she moves with the times, does my missus. Bless her cotton socks.)
Keep em straight.

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