Sunday, 26 October 2008

Remaining stuff to paint and THE GAME

I did have this list below as part of the layout but I looked at it a couple of times and got understandedly depressed because I knew that wasn't even near half of the lead mountain. I took it off and put it in a post where hopefully I can come back every so often and check progress.

6mm (all Irregular)

Loads of the litle blighters including-in no particular period order:

Egyptians, Hittites, Franco-Prussian (both Franco and Prussian), Late WW I French plus others I can't remember unless I go looking. In total, about a size 8 shoe box full.


Gauls (0), Remaining -all of em

Romans (28), Remaining -none

Chinese (52) Remaining (66i, 18c)

Mongols (about 20c), Remaining -none


Polish Renaissance (0), Remaining -all of em

Cossack Renaissance (0), Remaining -all of em

Marlburian British (216i) Remaining lots!

Marlburian Prussian (0), Remaining -all of em

WWII Germans (0), Remaining -all of em


Carthaginians (150i, 4c), Remaining -(40+i, 8c)

It's the Game this afternoon, Irons v Gunners. According to Zola, take the game to them and they don't like it, stop them playing their neat passing game (Wenger is to be commended for this, nice football, pleasure to watch. Grieves me to say it but it's true.), and they are beatable. Lets hope so.

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