Thursday, 23 October 2008

Keeping with the non-Mongol posts...

        Above: Polish Winged Hussars and the general, Grand Hetman Chodkiewitz. (Hinchcliffe                            and OG).
    Above:  Russian Foot Cossacks supported by Drab infantry. (Mix of Hinchcliffe, Essex and                           OG).
      Below: Polish commander chats to an officer. (Essex mounted figure converted from some                          Renaissance  figure or another with wing attached and scratch-built mace. Foot figure                    of unknown provenance).                                          

               Below:  The pride of the Polish army, the Winged Hussars (Hinchcliffe figures).

            Above: Big bugger of a cannon. (Crew -unknown. The cannon is a kids toy that fires                                  matchsticks -  the trigger can be seen below the barrel- but was too nice to pass up.)
Not much more to say after the abortive attempts to take piccys of Mongols and Poles/Russians the other day. YO is wending her way back from Uni next week and she has the bits to plug her camera card straight into her fliptop machine, hopefully I should get a look-see at my attempts.
While you are are holding your breath, here is my version of the old in-between-progarammes Test Card, (I'm afraid you'll have to play your own background music). its some piccys of my Polish Renaissance Army taken a few years ago. Compare them with the Mongols who were painted later -especially the skins, now I use a darker base colour and it seems to work. In fact the Polish was the first 25mm army I had painted in about 15 years so I was a bit rusty. But you wait until the Carthaginian pics come out (hopefully, because they were also on the camera when it went on strike). Conversions everywhere, bright colours abound, lots of the old MiniFigs from the WRG Macedonian and Punic Wars First Edition. (Remember that? If not ask your dad), Yes, I still have a copy as well as the original Armies and Enemies. I also have a copy of 3rd Ed. WRG Ancient rules; plus, if you really want to get old and rare, a copy of Rene North's Military Uniforms still sits on my bookshelf; Funcken's in French...the sad list goes on and so could I, but luckily for you I won't. There are also a shedload of old Lamming Greeks that I had lying about painted as Carthaginian veterans.  
As it is said locally, I am 'chuffed to little meatballs' with, I haven't got a clue what it means either -it must be a Midlands thing.

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